By the late Vin Blanden

Over the years several South Australians have been successful in creating their own strain

Not content to race a ready-made family, these owners have blended other blood in an effort to improve that which they already possess, or atleast to produce a strain of their own making which is of equal quality

The reward for the years of hard work with is share of disappointments is the feeling of pride of achievement when the final endeavour results in a breed which can hold its own with the best of the others in the strongest competition

Before the new strain earns the right to be given its maker’s name, it should prove itself over several years

Families of real value are those which not only perform well for their creator under his methof of management but for others who train and race their birds using different systems

It is even more valuable when it can be used to advantage as a cross to infuse vitality into other inbred strains. The Goodger strain has been put to the test and there is no doubt that it more than merits its distinction

Apart from its many club race successes, it has won atleast five major SAHPA races for its creator alone, together with numerous placings in the first 20 birds in big Associatin events

It gained for the late Allen Goodger the coveted champion Owner of the Year award in 1970 when he tied for the honour with the late John Pryor. Mt Goodger finished in the top 10 owners in the SAHPA four times in five years

The base of the strain was laid several decades before with four Blanden Cocks and a Barker cross Barker-Jurion, Harrison Hen.

Some years later a grand hen from Bruce Baulderstone was introduced to advantage. Subsequently every bird in the racing section of the Goodger loft was a descendant of these pigeons

In later years other introductions of Blanden, Henry Ford and Ron Eitzen assisted in maintaining the quality. One very noteworthy addition was the hen bred by Colin Elliott – now famously known as The Elliott Hen and the greatest Matriach in Australian Pigeon racing history. She was bred down from the good Pape Cock, bred by the late Fred Williams (Victoria) from a son of Vic Pape’s Blanden Hen, winner of the first SAHPA Alice Springs to Adelaide race. Goodger’s Tarcoola winer was one of over 100 winners or placegetters from this magnificent hen.