www.auctionpigeons.com will to the best of its ability connect sellers with buyers, and facilitate the smooth sale and purchase of racing pigeons that are submitted to this site … and we ask that buyers and sellers do the same

Auctions run for 7 days and are accessed through the login area

ALL Bidders must be registered – and bids will only be accepted from registered bidders

Bids are binding and the auction birds will go to the winning bidder.

The purchaser is responsible for all freight costs

We ask that anyone using this service act in a genuine manner

A registrants details including name, EMAIL, address and mobile phone number are checked to ensure the validity of bidders

Email and mobile phone numbers are used to provide bidders with access to the login, and updates about auction birds pr other auctions or sales on the site.

Registrants details will not be given to any third party

There is no charge or commission for using this site or its services.

From time to time lots will be offered for club or charity fundraising purposes, www.auctionpigeons.com guarantees and will ensure that all those funds will go to the party they were intended for