There have been a lot of successful partnerships in Australian Pigeon Racing … but Lance Pittaway and Stephen Lynott would be up there with the best of them

They have become a dominant force in the Barrier and Broken Hill Pigeon Racing Club over the past seven years winning the Club’s Aggregate points three times – and rewriting the record books along the way

Pittaway and Lynott won the 2023 points with 10 wins (8 /2nds and 9/3rds) from 26 races – +(78 places were available in the 26 races)

They have also finished second in the points on three occasions and had several birds placed in the Meadow and Adelaide Pigeon Club One Loft Races

Lance Pittaway works with feral goats while Steve is a former Mineworker

Family illness forced Steve to retire from work and relocate to Adelaide last year … but he is continuing to breed winners

Lance’s wife Tracey also plays a vital role, helping to feed and water the birds, and with excercising or tossing.

They will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary on May

Many Champion flyers including John Pryor and Allen Goodger had strong women alongside helping them, and Tracey is this champion’s champion

Lance has had pigeons most of his life.

His mother had showbirds, and not suprisingly he also became involved in poultry – an interest he maintains to this day.

Lance is also an accomplished fancy pigeon and poultry judge, having judged at national shows

His interest in racing pigeons began is his youth

He acquired pigeons from a number of Broken Hill and other flyers including John Pryor, and during the next 20 years won his share of big races including distance Championships and Derbies before taking a break from the sport.

Seven years ago he rekindled his interest through the partnership with Steve Lynott and its led to a pot of pigeon gold.

Their pigeons include blood from top flyers including Greg Hamilton, Tim Fawcett, Jack Vanderlinden, Andrew Muirhead, John Harper, Dennis Shaw, Ken Waters, Ross Hocking, Seasue Lofts, Rolf Goodacre, John Brislin, Frank Verco and Greg Jack.

Other stock birds were added as they caught the eye.

Winning L & S Racing strains include Gaby Vandenabeele, Heremans, Van Loon, Janssen, Herman Ceusters and Houben

Key birds have clicked sensationally in a breeding superclass by the two partners

One of their keys to success is breeding off young stock – and they’ve sold a number of the top stock cocks and hens in the past to concentrate on youth

Relations to Good as Gold, the Hamilton champion racer and breeder infused winning genes along with Van Loons and Old Broken Hill blood.

The imports have come to the fore in races with L and S Racing winning by big margins on several occasions often with a number of birds on the drop

Multiple placings have been achieved in races including the Young Bird Derby (500 kilometres), the Breeders Plate (458 kilometres), Gilgandra (682 kilometres) and 1,000 kilometre Championships from Inglewood and Delunga – with a record 34 birds home out of 50 in one of them.

Iron Knob and Nullabor were other popular racepoints with wins and multiple birds on the drop

Lance and Steve’s passion is to breed endurance birds with speed … and as results show they are realizing their dream on a regular basis

Steve trains the hens and cocks seperately each day day …. feeding them once a day – until three weeks before the long races when they are fed 4 or 5 times a day – taking away they grain they don’t eat

L & S Racing have passed their magic onto a number of other lofts, with their birds winning for new owners over all distances … and 10 bird racing teams having success after being snapped up last year and again this year.