By Leon Lam

The key to live stock production 

On a microscopic level (deoxy ribo nucleic acid) or DNA is the key to livestock production.

Understanding some science will help a pigeon enthusiasts produce better pigeons.

What makes super cocks and hens?

The answer is really the other way around – Super hens produce champion flyers

This applies to short, middle and long distance champions 

The value of the hen is not fully realised – Only strong hens can breed strong cocks and hens.

Mitochondrial dna is a cell organelle – it carries its own dna – and separates from the nucleus as seen below

This mitochondrial dna is the source of energy vitality and helps the body to regenerate. It is like the engine in a car. The better the engine the better the cars performance.

A super queen hen has a super mitochondrial dna and they are rare to find.

A hen provides the frame work and nutrients to the egg. I always like to see a nice solid egg.

A hen lays the eggs that carries the mitochondrial dna. A great producing cock comes from a super hen 

Heard of the saying golden eggs?

During fertilisation the hen releases an egg cell

That cell carries the mitochondrial dna and the sperm cannot pass on its mitochondrial dna.

During sexual reproduction (cell division -meiosis )the mitochondrial dna is replicated from the original source during fertilisation. If the source is not right then the organism will not achieve anything great. In addition when an organism grows or needs to repair itself the mitochondrial dna gives the cell power. Cell division called mitosis can be aided by better mitochondrial dna.

Bee farmers even buy Queen bees to improve honey production. Super queens can improve honey production by up to 30 percent.

“Honey is better than syrup “

Therefore on a larger scale that’s massive improvements.

It’s wonderful how nature works

A young squab will inherit 50 percent nucleus dna from both its parents so its important to inbreed to the cock lines to maintain the family of birds and keep the same sex link genes both inbred and outcrosses to maintain vitality.

This inbreeding to key cocks and hens gene pool concentration also known as critical mass will ensure the champion genes”pop up “ more often.

A hen carries the sex linked gene (XY) so she determines the gender and the mitochondrial dna.

The cock carries (X X)

Allen Goodger’s “Elliott hen” inherited those qualities and what makes her better than her siblings is that she carried a super mitochondrial dna.

Science shows that this is inherited but a mitochondrial dna can change through environmental factors like poor health of a bird and also improve with better health and also from mutations.

When an organism has a mutation that can improve the cell’s organelles this can add value and lead to a super mitochondrial dna. This is why we get super bugs as organisms are all trying to survive its natures way to improve natural selection 

A mutation is a spontaneous change in an organisms dna and its natures way for an organism to survive.

Only queens can breed queens